CLG Brochure: Litigation Section (E and W)

Litigation England & Wales By reason of what follows, all references to ‘England’ may properly be taken to include Wales. All references to ‘English’ may also properly be taken to mean Welsh. The Courts of England and Wales place considerable emphasis on the pragmatic expeditious and cost-effective resolution of any Court Business that comes before … Continue reading CLG Brochure: Litigation Section (E and W)

Litigation Funding in England and Wales: Certain Observations

Preface The marked retreat of state funding for civil disputes in England and Wales allied with the (generally) increased costs of going to Court has meant that new ways of providing finance to a client with limited resources - but an ostensibly genuine and worthwhile claim – is essential.  This Article sets out the broad … Continue reading Litigation Funding in England and Wales: Certain Observations

Disputes: Documents and Disclosure

“Never anything can be amiss, when simpleness and duty tender it” William Shakespeare (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream) Disputes : Documents and Disclosure Preface The eloquent sentiments of this quotation from England’s finest Bard might properly inform that approach on possibly the most important aspect and burdensome of legal tasks: the duty to disclose material … Continue reading Disputes: Documents and Disclosure

Part 36 Recent Cases

1.         Preface Part 36 of the English Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) offers the opportunity to the thoughtful solicitor and commercially-minded client to achieve a pre-trial resolution. Part 36 is a self-contained code.  It contains a carefully structured and highly prescriptive set of rules.  It deals with formal offers to settle proceedings. Where the party making … Continue reading Part 36 Recent Cases